Rendez-Vous with Philippe Di Meo and David Frossard

The Polimoda Rendez-Vous cycle restarts on the occasion of Pitti Fragranze with a guest lecture about the world of niche perfumery given by the founders of the brand Liquides Imaginaires: the architect and designer, Philippe Di Méo and the expert of rare fragrances, David Frossard.

Di Méo and Frossard, who will be introduced by Polimoda’s Director, Danilo Venturi, and assisted by Luli Gaidano, Education Manager at Olfattorio, will talk about their experience and the history of their brand, focusing on the “creation, financing and development of a rare perfume brand at the time of the development of the niche perfumery market “.

With a career of more than 25 years in the luxury sector as a designer and architect, Philippe Di Méo has collaborated with some of the major brands. Always interested in liquid materials and sensory and olfactory experience, in 2005 he entered the world of perfumes by creating the first three fragrances of Liquides Imaginaires for an installation at Rives de La Beauté in Paris. Together with David Frossard – expert in rare fragrances and founder and President of Différentes Latitudes, an agent and distributor specialised in niche perfume brands – they created Liquides Imaginaires. Their brand is known worldwide for its unique fragrance Trilogies, which draw upon mystical inspiration.

From September 8th to 10th, Olfattorio will present at Villa Favard the olfactory installation “Inflorescent – Respect for Nature”: two exhibition paths dedicated to the world of selective perfumery, with new products distributed by the company and an olfactory installation dedicated to the world of floral fragrances.

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