Rendez-Vous with Bradley Quinn

Fashion Futures

Guest lectures

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Clothing, as we know it today, is already becoming a thing of the past. A fresh dialogue is unfolding between the fabrics we wear and the technologies we use. Future fashions will make us faster, lighter, brighter, greener and cleaner. They will provide us with multi-sensory skins and wearable technologies, yet be comfortable, breathable, elastic and protective. Wearable technology will equip the wearer with completely new physical and intellectual abilities, or enhance existing ones.

The talk will show that as a new generation of designers envisions the forms, shapes and materials of tomorrow, garments are being transformed from passive substrates into active technological tools.  Future fashions will connect individuals with wider systems as well as each other, and enrich their lives in ways we never could have imagined before. Like the skin we were born with, the hi-tech clothing we wear in the future will be sensual and beautiful, fit perfectly, and feel completely natural.


Bradley Quinn is a British author and trend consultant with expertise in fashion, technology, textiles and design.  His books include Techno Fashion, The Fashion of Architecture, Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge, UltraMaterials, Textile Futures, Design Futures, Fashion Futures and the recently-published Textile Visionaries. As his publications chart new ways of thinking about products and materials, Quinn explores the furthermost boundaries of what today’s generation of designers can achieve.


The Book “Textile Visionaires” will be available for purchase at Fashion Room bookstore (Via Il Prato 7/r, Firenze).