Rendez-Vous with Alice Ferraz

On Friday, January 25th, Polimoda gears up for a Rendez-Vous with Brazil’s most celebrated fashion connector, welcoming catalyst, blogger, digital influencer and Founder of F*hits Alice Ferraz.

Crowned ‘champion of the Brazilian luxury market’ by the global fashion industry, Ferraz first launched her own PR agency in 1996, and has since served star clients ranging from Moda Operandi to Caudalié and Marc Jacobs. In 2010, the digital guru expanded her company to provide added support to clients, developing catalogs, print ads and additional media, before launching Brazil’s first network of bloggers, F*hits.

The digital media house – which includes Clooset, Brazil’s first social commerce platform – today hosts more than 300 digital influencers and roughly 40 million visitors on its multiplatform every month, making it South America’s largest online audience for a beauty, fashion and lifestyle website. Ferraz handpicks bloggers from 18 to 50, additionally mentoring theirs careers and organizing pop-up shops worldwide to encourage the global exchange of Brazilian culture and fashion.

“I really like real fashion coming from blogs. It creates an authentic desire,” she told The Business of Fashion, which has included her among the BoF 500 for her role in shaping the development of Brazil’s luxury market while supporting local designers. “A woman my age, for example, can look at my blog and social media for inspiration and have immediate access to the clothes I am wearing,” she explains.

As an expert of the online world, Ferraz represents one of the largest and most significant shifts in fashion: as the industry moves from paper to digital, so does influence and authority. Ferraz’ bloggers have quickly risen to become the chosen tastemakers for the Brazilian market, exemplifying where the digital age has altered the business of buying.

During her Polimoda Rendez-Vous, Ferraz is set to address these shifts in media influence in the Brazilian market, drawing from her own experience to discuss how digital influencers and blogging has revolutionized the contemporary consumer experience.

Best moments of the Rendez-Vous