The Exhibition Series | Relative Thinking

Students from the Master in Fashion Writing and Curation present a unique insight into how curation is affecting the fashion industry

Relative Thinking exhibition explores the projection of four points of view through four printed magazines that result from four very different lived experiences. Polimoda students present thought-provoking answers to given topics by the outline of the Fashion Writing and Curation Master of 2022.

Master in Fashion Writing and Curation students Rithi Choudhury, Maria Callaba, Heide Julie Halama and Florina Jacqueline at Relative Thinking exhibition opening

Our thoughts, desires, aspirations, and fears shape who we are.

We are each comprised of layers that make us - as a self, as a soul, as a subconscious.

Relative Thinking lets us be vulnerable and creative at the same time. It is passion warped with torment.

Take a walk down our inner conflicts. Leave yourself at the door.

Students played the roles of writer, editor, graphic designer, interviewer, photo editor, curator, and artist. At a time of digital dominance, we have decided to follow the nostalgic path and print. We believe in the surpassing look and feel of printed folios, their weight, their texture, their smell. 
Trying to push the limits of acceptability by having conversations with the ones we’ve lost, navigating between pleasure and violence, asking who decides the boundaries of taboo, and feelings of inhabiting our bodies. You will step into the minds of these different realities, taking part in a bigger performance, from the inside looking out.

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December 6 - 7 - 9
From 9 am to 5 pm
Polimoda, Villa Favard
Via Curtatone 1 - Firenze



This exhibition was developed for the final presentation of the Polimoda Master in Fashion Writing and Curation.

Rithi Choudhury
Maria Callaba
Heide Julie Halama
Florina Jacqueline

Federica Forti - Project Leader

Academic support
Marisa Zanatta - Writing
Anna Yudina - Vision
Marianna Fioretti - Vision
Dobrila Denegri - Vision
Sandra Laube - Graphics
Amelie Duchow and Marco Monfardini - Sound design
Giulia Bonali - Video concept
Francesco Rossi - Video

Special thanks
Tim Blanks - Mentor
Linda Loppa - Strategic Advisor
Massimiliano Giornetti - Director
Eva Zimmerman - Business Department Coordinator

Cover image: Matteo Oltrabella.