PolimodaPeople #3

Working with legends, from Vivienne Westwood to Wim Wenders

Polimoda People

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Welcome to our monthly foray into the lives and work of our #PolimodaPeople. Here you will find leads, inspirational interviews, award-winning projects, generated press and everything you need to know about our students and alumni’s achievements.

The gangster in a dress

After making its first appearance on the cover of Young Thug’s EP No My Name Is Jeffery, Alessandro Trincone’s purple dress is reaching iconic status in international media. Vogue UK included the American rapper wearing the Polimoda alumnus’ garment among the most powerful androgynous images in history.

Alessandro Trincone - My Name is Jefferey

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Backstage with Vivienne

Turin-based gallery and co-working space Comodo64 delighted Westwood lovers with an exhibition organized by Polimoda alumnus Peppe Lorefice, who has been working as an assistant designer at the court of fashion’s undisputed queen of punk since 2011. Featuring garments, photos, drawings and previously unreleased behind the scenes video footage, Vivienne Westwood OFF the Stage will be on show until January 15th 2018.

Un post condiviso da Comodo64 gallery (@comodo64) in data:

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Wenders for Sander

Polimoda alumni Luke and Lucie Meier set the tone for their artistic direction at Jil Sander by launching their debut S/S18 collection with Paused By, a video series bearing the signature of New German Cinema pioneer and silver screen legend Wim Wenders, known for all-time arthouse classics Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire.

Sanchez-Kane strikes again

Polimoda Fashion Design alumna Barbara Sanchez-Kane is setting new standards for fashion presentations and the Art of runway. The performance Vast Graveyard of the Missing, a conceptual take on critical current issues such as migration and displacement, was put on show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Fun fact: another Polimoda alumna, Gioconda Sirolli, was in charge of makeup.

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A close-cut selection of flash updates.

  • Fashion brand management alumnus Joshua Pierre’s label Edwige Pierre was featured in online lifestyle magazine Fashion Maniac. His SS18 collection is inspired by the energy of Morocco;
  • Polimoda alumna and shoe designer Marie Weber launched her first showroom in Troyes. Open by appointment only, here one can admire and purchase Weber’s custom-made artisan footwear;
  • Evening wear and luxury couturier Ammara Khan was interviewed on her creations by Image, Pakistan’s hippest insider publication.