Flying High: Polimoda Soars in Fashionista Rankings 2018

Polimoda among top fashion schools according to Fashionista’s Global Rankings


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2018 is reason to celebrate; for eight years, Fashionista has pulled together the best fashion schools worldwide culled from data, extensive surveys and an overall outlook on student experience. After placing in the top schools since the ranking’s incipit, Polimoda makes its greatest climb yet, confirming its place among the top 10 fashion schools in the world in the 2018 edition of the Fashion School Rankings – and solidifying its role as the leading fashion institute in Italy.

The result comes at the tail end of a game-changing year, where Polimoda has redefined its place in crafting the hybridized thinkers of tomorrow. Throughout the year, the school not only delivered in the form of epic collaborations with the industry – from editorial to fashion brand giants – but also witnessed a 34% growth in enrollment, as well as a 91% placement rate for over 2300 students from 70 countries worldwide. The school also broadened its educational clout with Polimoda Duets, a series of documentary interview videos involving some of the most outstanding cultural figures of our time, with Marina Abramovic starring in the first edition.

With this significant recognition yet another trailblazing year comes to a close, reaffirming the enduring success of the Polimoda method merging creative visions with a tight grip on professional realities. 2018 gave life to new partnerships with leading fashion brands, from Valentino to Ferragamo and Vogue Italia, cementing its fundamental ties to the industry. Polimoda is a school that never sleeps, constantly on the search for new cultural and educational initiatives, which is why we launched a new series of short courses and Double Masters to anticipate the fashion world’s growing needs. Fashionista’s rankings are the natural evolution of our spirit and growth in the past year, and confirm Polimoda’s leading role in both business and design, undergraduate and postgraduate, in today’s fashion education.

Danilo Venturi

Nearly 4,000 students were asked to provide feedback on their respective schools, a survey that kicked things up a notch this year by asking more detailed questions than previous years, providing both objective information and helpful insight for aspiring fashion students. The ranking additionally considered location, tuition, alumni and overall resources in its final placement.