Antilabelist rebranding & heartfelt craftsmanship

Masters Finals / Fall 2017


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Last week, over 80 students across 4 different Master courses presented their final projects in the framework of an intense 3-day-long public event held on the premises of Villa Favard.

The first session took off on September 27th in the Aula Magna as Luxury Retail Management and Fashion Brand Management students delivered their final thesis before the faculty. Over the course of the academic year, each student conducted a brand analysis study meant to set the foundation for new competitive methods and groundbreaking consumer-oriented viewpoints.

Masters Finals - Fashion Marketing & Communications - students

On September 28th a whirlwind of fabrics and head-turning designs inhabited the spaces of Polimoda’s main hall, displaying the Collection and Accessories Design student’s manifold talents and visions: innovative cuts and multi-textured patterns, the tactile clash of metal and leather, gender-defying silhouettes, a melting pot of cultural references interwoven with pesky pokes at today’s domineering aesthetics.

Alessandro Vallasciani - Accessories Design

Claudio Marenco Mores, Head of Department Fashion Design & Design Management, and leading teacher Andrea Cammarosano oversaw a jury of key figures and buyers from the luxury retail industry. Collection Design graduates Sanna Schubert and Beatrice Mason and Accessories Design graduate Alessandro Vallasciani were selected for the 2018 edition of Business Links, the annual event dedicated to showcasing Polimoda’s best talents with a-list professionals, headhunters and human resource managers.

Our project was quite ambitious in this case – we wanted our Collection & Accessories Design Master students to create a conceptually extended collection able to stand up to the defining principles of marketability: positioning, price range, vision. This approach is what determines the value of our Master courses; for it gives our students the tools to develop an advanced professional outlook on their work, making each prototype an example of quality craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. The graduating students selected for Business Links stood out because of their ambitious take on contemporaneity: each project offers a key to unlock new potential futures of fashion. In regards to the upcoming year, we aim at further magnifying the quality of our program in order to prove that our school isn’t only about creativity but it also supplies factual hands-on knowledge and concrete skills.

Claudio Marenco Mores

Masters Finals - Fall 2017 - Collection Design

On September 29th Fashion Marketing & Communications students took to the stage in the Aula Magna to showcase the fruits of their 9-month master experience in front of Head of Department Fashion Business & Art Direction Gabriele Moschin and honorary panel members Antonio Gigliotti, Saatchi & Saatchi Italy‘s Creative Director, and marketing expert Adriano Aletti.

Masters Finals - Fashion Marketing & Communications

The final project consisted in applying rebranding strategies on pre-existing major labels. The students demonstrated advanced out-of-the-box thinking skills, pitching ideas that went from envisaging a future where retail draws a cult-like following through antilabelist performative happenings to sounding out the cultural fluidity of an increasingly nomadic generation.

Our Masters are the embodiment of a working method that cannot be learned from books, for it is the living breathing result of mistakes and experiences passed on by those who are part of today’s fragmented fashion world. We like to allow ourselves to think about the future, and our students are that future. It’s interesting to observe how even the most visionary and extreme projects have their own budget plan – it’s proof that the students’ ideas have strong foundations. We always encourage variety: while some students rethink the merchandising of fashion powerhouses, others curate the corporate identity of up-and-coming brands. I want our students to understand how the people they meet today might make a difference to their future, even in the most unexpected of ways. For example, I worked for Saatchi&Saatchi for three years. Now, fast-forward to today and my old boss is sitting beside me on the panel, evaluating my students and their projects. Saatchi & Saatchi is to me what Polimoda might someday be to our students. My mind is always set on fostering our alumni community and Polimoda’s ever-evolving network.

Gabriele Moschin