Technology Center

A technology hub to meet the educational needs of students

In 1994, Polimoda inaugurated a center for technology to meet the educational needs of students and provide a reference point for companies and professionals in the fashion industry interested in using the CAD-CAM systems. Thanks to investments made to upgrade its infrastructure, the Technology Center is an excellent resource of new technology for today’s fashion industry.

Polimoda is home to 12 computer labs equipped with over 300 graphic workstations. Students can find both PCs and Macs, A4 and A3 scanners and graphic tablets (the new Wacom Cintiq 32” touch).

Classrooms are also equipped with CAD software for garment design, Lectra (2D and 3D) with A0 digitizer dedicated and CLO3D, software for footwear and accessories design (Mozart) and 3D modeling available for both PC and Mac (Rhino and 3DSMax). Adobe CC and Microsoft Office complete the suite of software available to students. The entire system is, of course, always connected to the internet.