Letter to the future | John Dean

Inspirational words from Renowned LA's founder

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

It’s been raining in Los Angeles.

Clouds so full of angst, but I know what can come from behind those rainy clouds. Freeways empty, stores ravished and the government says 10’s a crowd...

To be honest, this impending storm has been on the skyline. Our lives have been consumed with the idea of busy, mindless chatter on topics benign. To earth, we have become a stranger, ignoring the clear signs of present danger. We let the ideals of humanity wither away, although hopeful, ain’t no sunshine on this lovely day.

On one hand, we are uniting in a way that gives humanity promise, charitable initiatives on a global scale outside of our typical solace.

But on the other, crude capitalists seeking out the best way to gain from our losses. Their intentions are hidden behind the illusion of sincerity and holy crosses. Per usual, the brunt of the blow lands on the backs of the poor and minorities, mostly due to pre-existing conditions imposed by the "elite" authority.

I guess we will never know the truth, but a forthcoming renaissance is due. Just like with the bubonic plague or the Spanish flu, we create out of tragedy things anew.

A global push to save our warming eco is imminent, what we do affects us all, no discriminant. There is hope... I promise you there is but we must come together to create a world worth living in.

It’s still raining in Los Angeles, and yet… I look up… because I know what can come from behind those rainy clouds.

Mask on…
John Dean

John Dean

Founder and CEO of Renowned LA, Designer and Creative Director

The founder and CEO of fashion brand Renowned LA started his  career during his senior year of high school. While studying Business Marketing at Ohio University, Dean grew his brand. From Nicki Minaj to Tyga, Renowned LA made its way into the hard-to-break world of celebrity. In 2014, Dean collaborated with Korean superstar Jackson Wang and his team. He has also worked with Dok2, establishing the Korean rapper's brand in the United States and working as a creative director on his single cover art as well as other business ventures, even appearing on Korean television. Renowned LA has been featured in over 60 publications including Forbes, Complex, Hypebeast, GQ, WWD and Elle.