Letter to the future | Yoko Choy

Inspirational words from an editor

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

Those of us not in the forefront of fighting the pandemic can currently feel non-essential to society. But it's important for us, as creators and cultural workers, to figure out what our contributions could be in surviving this rough time together and plan for the future. These are some of the questions I have been thinking about recently and I would love to learn about your thoughts too.
Nature vs the man-made world: Nature has increasingly been relegated to the province of environmentalists and although the concept of a sustainable future has been around for some time, commitment to the cause has been limited (in all industries, at all levels). Sustainability encompasses the economic, social and environmental, and this pandemic has shown us how fragile man-made systems are in the face of nature. Sustainability is a practice not a concept; it's urgent, not something for the future. How far can we push the fashion industry to be sustainable? 
Globalization vs localization: Over the past decades, economic globalization has developed rapidly, and industry has become interdependent in materials supply, technical support, technology and infrastructure, etc., each with its pros and cons. There have been some calls for 'reverse globalization'; what are the options and opportunities for us now? 
Virtually vs physicality: E-commerce, digital content platforms and virtual social spaces have proved to be critical for businesses and cultural exchanges during the world's lockdown and many new concepts have been tested in the past few months. How would this change the creative industry, which depends heavily on fairs and other physical events? 
Profit vs purpose: The idea of 'purpose-driven' business took root in the millennial generation, and lessons of the pandemic should make certain that a company's future success and competitiveness hinge on its commitment to society. Fashion is an essential element of our culture and a strong force in uniting people while celebrating individuality. What are the values in your creation and the work you dream of doing? 
We can't see the end yet but there will be a silver lining. I believe that the pandemic is bringing us closer to each other and making the world more collaborative and equal. Now, more than ever, we need each other to get through this and build a better future. 

Yoko Choy

China Editor at Wallpaper* magazine

Born in Hong Kong, China, Yoko Choy is the China Editor for Wallpaper* magazine (global edition). Her work to date has been published in numerous international titles, including Architectural Digest, Dezeen, FRAME, Louis Vuitton publications and Monocle. Choy is also a highly regarded communications consultant. She has worked for Art Basel on its launch in Hong Kong, curated exhibitions for Dover Street Market in China, advised Beijing Design Week on international communications, and represented mariotestino+ in Asia. 

Currently based in Hong Kong and Amsterdam, her mission, as a multilingual and multicultural creative commentator and communicator, is to translate the knowledge and insights from both worlds into a common creative language and to raise awareness of the importance of crosscultural exchange in the creative industry and businesses. To this end, Yoko co-founded Collective Contemporist in 2018, a creative consultancy with offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Amsterdam, to stimulate and inspire conversations and commercial collaborations between the two spheres.

Instagram: @missyoko
WeChat ID: missyokochoy