Letter to the future | Wilson Oryema

Inspirational words from a multidisciplinary artist

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future. 

We are entering a period of greater contradiction than ever witnessed in recent history. As several seemingly conflicting concepts seem to overlap and run concurrent with each other, globalization and localization both seem to be flourishing. Nations hurriedly took their own approaches to the pandemic, but are surely updating each other on progress. Although, we can debate the accuracy of their claims. It is a necessary exchange...

As we collectively felt a severe shock to the system. Despite the differences in approach, or any other contradictions. It, at least temporarily, seemed any and all things were possible in the shorter timeline. Now, as we slowly regain some semblance of our former selves, we will begin to see the juxtapositions clearer as we hold ourselves in contrast to our past. Also, this will occur as we compare individuals, organizations as well as nations.

Beyond the former extent. We will see the world fragment even further. However, such fragmentation can, and I believe will, lead to more reflection and development in the long term. So, although one may lament at the broken mirror and the potential loss of luck for several years, one could suggest we will collectively become much better off as a result of being thrust into this moment.

As we are now seeing many systems and industries rush to become anti-fragile. Basically, more adaptable, and responsive to change. We are seeing it in healthcare and medicine, with vaccinations and hospital management. We are seeing it in education, with remote learning and the platforms which facilitate that. We are seeing it with the political process, as well as the legal and judicial system. We are even seeing it with fashion, and the rethinking of methods we use to source, design, produce, sell and deliver clothes!

Wilson Oryema

Artist and writer

Wilson Oryema is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. His work primarily focuses on the theme of human consumption and the different ways it impacts human behavior and the environment. Which he explores through various mediums including, text, image, film, exhibitions and more. This includes his first book "WAIT," a well-received book of poetry around this theme as well as the recent documentary “How Toxic Are My Clothes?”. He is also a strong advocate for sustainability in fashion and beyond, serving as a consultant and frequent speaker in this area. Aside from his primary theme, Wilson has also collaborated with and been commissioned to produce artistic works for various international organizations and publications.