Letter to the Future | Marco Bartolucci

Inspirational words from Polimoda's Sociology of Imaginary and Fashion Future Professor

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

We woke up one day deprived of what distinguishes our being human, the right to spontaneously dispose of our time just as to unconsciously move in the space of the world. A distance is imposed on us. Now more than ever we are looking for the Human, we find our dependence on nature, on otherness, exactly when we are no longer in control of what we have so far violated. We must face what is being born, beyond the catastrophe.

Having had the experience of abandonment, we find ourselves appealing to someone who listens to our cry in the dark of this night. A life is not enough for itself, life will always depend on the other. So let us welcome this Human addiction. It is no longer the time for Oedipal generational conflicts or sterile Narcissistic self-affirmations. We are asking for a father, someone who responds to our appeal, in need of belonging, of roots, of not being deprived of meaning and breast.

Our life now needs to be welcomed into a kinship, enrolled in the other, desired, craved by the other. Need for openness and wandering. The father we are invoking is the Human we had forgotten; let's win it back in the desire for a present lived collectively, heirs in a time that wants us as no one's children, we must enjoy this proto-nostalgia for the Human.

Let’s move towards what we don't know, observing with amazement and fear the simple desire to "be together", going to dig in the ruins of this passage that will make us aware of how much we need to be Human. Let’s not get used to it, we welcome this feeling together that will make us neo-tribes of the future present, ready for a new genesis.

Marco Bartolucci

Polimoda Professor of Sociology of Imaginary and Fashion Future

Marco Bartolucci is a professor, researcher, content creator and consultant. With a background in humanities, he researches the intersections between society, fashion and  imaginaries. Based on a phenomenological approach, his work analyses undiscovered human patterns to provide future directions. Currently, he is focusing on the contamination of the psychoanalysis in fashion to study the formation and development of clothed subjectivities.