Letter to the future | Damjan Stamcar

Inspirational words from a principal technology analyst

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

In these special times of social distancing, it is time to reflect on personal motivation and essential needs. Therefore, one should try to understand the real needs of their family, friends and customers.

It is very impressive how the old economy and the world we used to live in changed within such a short period of time. The speed with which we have changed to the new way of working and living is enormous and the way we experience and buy products has changed.

The real winner of this COVID19 crisis is the “new digital society” that has been forced to digitally adapt and use new digital services overnight. When working in the electronics industry, every product changes and learning is a natural part of our DNA. That is why we see many opportunities in new creative partnerships and believe the digital economy can create a better world for all of us.

For a few years, Electronics Companies have been trying to change the purpose of existing technology such as an electronic paper display and create a whole new user experience. Transforming an e-paper to a watch-like shape that emphasizes the pattern of the e-paper display means the user can suddenly customize his watch experience with a variety of options. Such flexible electronic papers can even be used as material in a fashion bag and with this realize the vision of the digitization of fashion. The movement from the classical Hardware Sales to a new Service Business Model is one of the biggest trends in the digital era.

"The future of fashion is digital" and it is our job to turn students into designers and managers who lead the industry with a new mindset and create digital solutions that triggers people's essential needs. Continuous learning and change by adapting to the new digital society will determine how lifestyle and fashion will emerge in the future and become their new “Digital Identity.”

Damjan Stamcar

Principal Technology Analyst

Damjan Stamcar is an innovative professional and passionate geek who has worked in the electronics and mobile industry since 1996. 
He began his career at the Ericsson Test Lab where all future network technology such as 2G, 3G or 4G were being tested before their implementation. Moving to Sony Ericsson, he was in charge of several areas, including the Mobile Product Marketing portfolio and the Technical Management for Central Europe. At Sony, he switched roles to become Launch Execution Manager for Smartphones and Business Developer for Sony’s IoT Solutions where he was also part of several internal Start-ups in Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program. Mentoring students to create solutions in a startup like environment from idea to prototype in a cross academia cooperation at the Technical and Design University Darmstadt is one of his favorite private engagements. Now working as a passionate Principal Technology Analyst and scouting for New Technologies and University Cooperation’s in Europe, Damjan tries to find his purpose and how he can be part of filling the world with emotion — through the power of creativity and technology.