Letter to the future | Liga Zemture

Inspirational words from an editor in chief

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future. 

Be kind. Be true to yourself. Be conscious. Inspire! 

It doesn’t matter how cool or stylish you are. We are all people and you have to work with people. Therefore the most important is to be a great person. Kindness, an open mind and positivity are the qualities that will help you achieve any goals you are aiming for in the future. 

To find your path you always have to follow your instincts and listen to the signs that are clearly given to you. You have to be true to yourself — you will never be somebody else. Never copy. Follow your own path. If fashion is your thing you will know it because everything will happen, as it should.  

It’s 2020. The year I thought would be one of the most exciting. I thought that I would travel a lot, I would meet new people, I would develop L’Officiel Baltic's magazine and I thought of many other inspiring things. But! We are all on hold now. This “great run” has clearly stopped. 
We were overwhelmed with everything, we overproduced, we overconsumed… 

NOW! It is your time, time to be conscious, to be sustainable and to plead Mother Nature for a chance to not destroy us! I know you can do it! You’re the future generation of consciousness! Please! Inspire us with your future decisions and choices! 

Liga Zemture

Editor in Chief at L'Officiel Baltic

Liga Zemture
 is the Editor in Chief at L'Officiel Baltic. Born in Latvia, Liga divides her time between Miami, London, Riga and Kiev. She studied political science, obtaining two bachelor degrees and an MBA in business. For almost 10 years, she has managed digital marketing and fashion business all over the world.