Letter to the future | Danilo Venturi

Inspirational words from Polimoda’s director

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

The air is cutting from how clean it is, production has stopped, transport almost. Only computers work. All very sustainable, yet so unbearable. Covid-19 affects everyone, regardless of race, gender and religion. All very diverse, yet so unbearable.

The truth is that on the altar of fear we are sacrificing our civil rights and the very essence of being human. The social-economic fabric is likely to be destroyed, people impoverished and increasingly blackmailed. Large-scale distribution, the new economic giants and financial speculation are taking advantage while people die because health services have been cut for years by policies of austerity.

Well, now we're walled in, let’s follow the rules, let's respect each other and not get infected, but once everything is over let’s try to recover our humanity. We won’t focus on technology, which is now needed, rather we'll focus on our hands, which now we can't use. Let’s rediscover smells, flavors, colors and the touch that shapes the matter to give life to new creations.

Between the two great wars, Chanel in womenswear and Ferragamo in footwear introduced new materials and shapes. In the crisis of 1978, Armani reinvented menswear by destructuring a jacket. The 90s were supposed to be the end of the world instead the Avant-Garde envisioned a brand new one. Imagination will count, no longer the image.

Let’s ask national states to not go into debt at the expense of their citizens. Large-scale retailers, new economic giants and finance that are now enriching themselves should foster innovation later. Let’s ask everyone to focus on creative young people.

And you, dear fashion students, do not get used to a world of restrictions, suspensions and declarations, because normality is when you can pray to your dead, embrace your friends and kiss your lovers.

I don't get used to it.

Danilo Venturi

Danilo Venturi

Polimoda's Director and Master in Fashion Brand Management mentor

Danilo Venturi is specialized in creative direction and brand management. He graduated in Politics from the University of Bologna (Università Degli Studi Di Bologna, UNIBO) and subsequently completed a Master in Luxury Management at Polimoda.
Mr. Venturi has developed an interdisciplinary career across music, e-commerce, retail concepts, luxury branding and writing. He is the author of the book Momenting the Memento. He was the Head of the Business Department at Polimoda before assuming his current role as Director in 2016, following in the footsteps of his mentor Linda Loppa. His responsibilities include supervising all educational content, marketing and communication activities, as well as taking the time to mentor Master in Fashion Brand Management students, the program that built the foundation for the current methodology of the school.