Letter to the future | Antonio Mancinelli

Inspirational words from Marie Claire Italia's Senior Editor

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

After the pandemic plague, nothing will be the same. Nothing, fashion included. Or better: beginning from fashion. I think we will see less "shopping" and more "experience" linked with "investment." Personalization, customization and sharing values like sustainability and individuality will be the new mission of fashion companies, even those who produce luxury goods. I feel that "style" will substitute the word "trend." Maybe the show era is over, and presentation of new collections will be done through Facetime and Zoom.

I am sure we are heading towards a period in which digital marketing will be an area of growth together with the heritage of craftsmanship. A new "marriage" which implies the growth of creativity, culture, and curiosity in every single step of fashion product, from drawings to distribution and from effort to not waste precious fabrics to communicating these new "style objects."

This could appear, now, like a scary metamorphosis, but I think it will be a new opportunity. Operating in the global age, and perhaps even impetus by globalization — it seems to me that the future will really be full of new characters in the fashion panorama. But believe me: our post-pandemic fashion is an opportunity to grow and develop. According to Dr Susan David, a Harvard psychologist, living through a crisis can be genuinely formative.

The main subject will transform from "what will be after the Coronavirus Outbreak?" to "are we still prepared enough to face this new world and how can our voices be heard by the majority of people?"

We need to study, we need new ideas and we need a completely surprising way to deal with it. Being creative can help foster a feeling of community. But "creativity" is not enough — we have to learn how to put together arts and commerce, old and new and the richness of the past with that nice thrill always tied to the future.

Antonio Mancinelli

Senior Editor of Marie Claire Italia

Antonio Mancinelli, Senior Editor of Marie Claire Italia, began his journalistic career penning pieces for Italian and international magazines and newspapers, the likes of Corriere della Sera and Vogue Italia. As a writer and communicator, he extends his expertise to the role of visiting professor at both Italian and foreign universities, including the Politecnico and Statale in Milan, IUAV in Venice, LUISS in Rome and Polimoda in Florence. He has published several books and monographs, including Moda! and Fashion Box, and has written essays for exhibition catalogs related to fashion and art. His most recent work includes an essay for the exhibition Italiana. Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001.

Cover image: Photography by Marina Spironelli