Letter to the future | Anita Wong

Inspirational words from an esteemed merchandising consultant

To keep spirits high and creativity strong, Polimoda has asked its community of fashion industry experts to write about the future.

When we met last December, no one would have anticipated that 3 months later, the entire world would come to a stop. No more traveling, self-isolation, working or studying from home, social distancing, personal hygiene... this has become the new normal in our life.

The world is so foreign compared to the world we were so used to, despite age or where you are from. As life slows down, we have more time to think and to reassess the value of life. We can’t help but wonder, "What’s next after this pandemic is over?"

No one at this moment can give you a perfect answer unless they have a crystal ball, but one thing's for sure, we have to be prepared that the world will not be the same again, even when Covid-19 is over. Upon ending this pandemic, people will look at life and business with a different perspective; they will be more cautious with personal health, wellness and their values will change according to the experience they went through. 

Thus, one’s lifestyle, mindset and the way they spend will be impacted, and the meaning of “technology” and “sustainability” will become more relevant. I hope, under this solitude and while our busy lives are paused, we are able to think with more clarity, more creativity and out of the box, which I find to be the upside of self-isolation. 

As we look back, we realize how much we have taken for granted, and I hope when this is over, we will learn to appreciate what we are given and also learn to give and share within our abilities in different aspects of life.
We are all global citizens and our life is connected, ironically, by a pandemic. Under a catastrophic situation like the one we are living now, we understand that the only way to make the world better is to be kind to each other, be generous with those in need and have empathy for those who are in trouble. 

Please do not take self-isolation as a punishment. It is in fact a blessing because it shows that you have a home to stay in, you have clean water to wash your hands, you have the internet to connect you to the world, you have steady food supplies in the market and you have a medical system to support your needs.

 While we count our blessings, don’t forget to thank our brave and selfless medical teams who are protecting our lives with their own sacrifices. And let us try to help those who are underprivileged in our own society and other parts of the world. 

May God bless you and your families! I hope we meet again soon! 

Love, Anita
Hong Kong

Anita Wong

Merchandising Consultant 

Anita Wong's career in the retail industry began three decades ago when she was hired as a Marketing Officer at Esprit’s first flagship store in Asia and promoted to Buying Manager. Inspired by her mentor Joyce Ma, Wong started working at Joyce Boutique as a Buyer and returned to the company as Vice President of Merchandising. She joined Christian Dior Asia Pacific as Merchandising Director before taking on the same role at Club 21 in Singapore. In 2011, she became a consultant for Dior. Wong now works as a Merchandising Consultant for international companies.