Talk with Industry

At Companies and with Companies — Talks for Potential Students

A series of exclusive talks to meet industry professionals and gain further insights into their fashion careers.

Talk with Industry stems from the idea of helping potential students better understand Polimoda, inviting them to exclusive discussions at prestigious company locations in the fashion sector.

During these talks, fashion professions and profiles will be discussed, informing potential students about job roles in a post-covid fashion world. 

These appointments are dedicated to potential students and invitations are limited.

A green pass is required to attend the event.

Previous talks


Armani/Silos Exhibition Space - Milan

Armani/Silos Exhibition Space
Milan, October 6, 2021
Talk with Niccolò Sbaraglia, Head of Commercial Development; Q&A with counselors about job roles in fashion and Polimoda programs; guided Tour of Armani/Silos.

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