Hybrid Fashion wins the German Design Award

Polimoda Alumna Veronica Stampacchia has been awarded by the German Design Council


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On February 10th in Frankfurt, on stage among the winners of the prestigious German Design Award 2017 was Polimoda alumna Veronica Stampacchia. Designer and founder of the brand Pure Electric, Ms Stampacchia’s work addresses the fast-changing market of electric bicycle clothing.

The design of Pure Electric garments introduces innovative technology that makes them unique, functional and versatile. Combining the ergonomics and lightness of cycling clothing with the resistance of motorcycle clothing, and high-quality Italian fabrics, Stampacchia’s creative idea has helped her brand grow rapidly and receive immense attention worldwide.

Thanks to this idea and its execution, earlier this month Veronica Stampacchia won the Gold Prize in the Universal Design category of the German Design Award. This is one of the world’s most renowned design competitions and is run by the German Design Council, a leading centre of expertise for communication and knowledge transfer in the area of design.

Veronica Stampacchia wins the German Design Award 2017

Veronica Stampacchia wins the German Design Award 2017

Veronica’s innovative and hybrid product is designed to merge safety and fashion at the highest level. Beyond this refined design incorporating advanced performance materials, Veronica’s talent also lies in her ability to see an opportunity. Seeing the expansion of the e-bike market yet the unexplored clothing options for riders, Veronica identified this moment as her’s for the taking, showing the business acumen of this special former Polimoda student.

Congratulations Veronica!

To win a GOLD is… simply amazing. I think to receive the German Design Award is one of the most important recognitions for a designer’s career. I’m so glad that the quality of my work has been rewarded by such a qualified International jury. I feel now full of new energy and am very excited thinking about my future!

Veronica Stampacchia

Featured image by Lutz Sternstein