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Top chefs and fashion professionals link up with Polimoda to define the world of food styling.

Polimoda opens up to the world of food styling in an aesthetic fusion of fashion and gourmandize, perfectly blending beauty, quality and creativity. Thanks to this unique collaboration between starred chefs, fashion designers, stylists and trend forecasters, the pleasure of food will take on a whole new meaning with a deep focus on aesthetics and style.

"Just as fashion guides our choices in the way we dress, the styling of food and table settings influence our taste in gourmandize," shares Director Massimiliano Giornetti. "When getting dressed is no longer just covering up and eating is no longer just fuel for the body, the appearance and beauty of a dish become as important as its flavor. Today, consumers are increasingly looking for an all-encompassing experience that represents their lifestyle. Hence, worlds that seem different come together and find each other through canons, suggestions and experiments."

"Just as fashion guides our choices in the way we dress, the styling of food and table settings influence our taste in gourmandize."

Food and fashion are linked together by common details. Both are made with a fusion of colors, shapes, feelings, memories and imagination. Exactly like fashion, food is intrinsically connected to the expression of the inner personality and the experience of a lifestyle.
Fashion and design, therefore, influence the food scene, for which mise-en-place and dishes blend with the latest trends. To be at the top of their game, chefs must study trends to anticipate new styles and presentation techniques. These days, food is photographed and shared on social media before we taste it.
Thanks to Polimoda, the first Food Styling course that combines the aesthetics of fashion with the pleasure of good food will take place in Florence, the home of Made in Italy fashion and a haven for food lovers. Designed for restaurant and hotel chefs who are looking to broaden their horizons and skill sets, this six-day intensive course will feature the participation of 3 Michelin star chefs Mauro Uliassi, Enrico Cerea and Enrico Bartolini, who will share their wealth of knowledge and expertise.
The world of culinary arts will join the world of fashion and luxury in a unique creative experience. Creative director Massimiliano Giornetti, trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort and fashion stylist Serge Girardi will introduce participants to fashion design, the latest social trends, fashion iconography, styling foundations and food photography.
Composition, color theory, style secrets and presentation techniques are the ingredients of an innovative way of approaching food styling, evoking emotions through an unforgettable combination of image and flavors.
Polimoda's new Food Styling course blends sartorial and gastronomic excellence and will start in January 2023 at the school's Villa Favard headquarters, in the heart of Florence. This full immersion in Italian culture and style will make tables around the world shine.

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