Edoardo Terribilini takes home the Kia Designers Award at Milan Fashion Week

From Carpe Noctem Final Graduation Show 2022 to be selected as one of the six finalists of the Kia Designers Award. Undergraduate in Fashion Design graduate Edoardo Terribilini, has been recently awarded by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana President, Carlo Capasa, at Milan Fashion Week's Fashion Hub opening. 

After showcasing his final collections on the runway in Giardino Torrigiani during Carpe Noctem Final Graduation Show 2022, Edoardo applied for the Kia Designers Award in partnership with Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. 

Edoardo Terribillini's design for the Kia Designers Awards showcased in Milan Fashion Week's Fashion Hub Opening

The Kia Designers Award is an annual contest that gives up-and-coming designers the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity. During Milan Fashion Week, the Kia Designers Awards was presented with a room dedicated to innovation and experimentation themes.

This year's winner, Edoardo, had the opportunity to start a mentorship program with some of the industry's top designers, learning about technology and the concept of newness. He also had the opportunity to design the wrapping for a Kia car exhibited at the Fashion Hub. On the evening of the opening, his work was unveiled to the public, along with his name as the winner of the challenge. A great opportunity for Edoardo, who will continue impressing us with his disruptive designs in the coming years.

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But this wasn't the first time Edoardo's designs experimented with new technologies and applications. He is always looking for new ways to improve his designs and create something unique. Having a look at his five looks of the final graduation collection Giornata nuvolosa al campetto, we can clearly see it. The applications he used for the fabrics and the way he put the collection together were actually very innovative and experimental. 

Edoardo Terribilini

One of the five looks of Edoardo Terribilini's collection "Giornata nuvolosa al campetto" on the runway of Carpe Noctem Final Graduation Show 2022 in Giardino Torrigiani

After the announcement, our Polimoda community on Instagram wanted to ask Edoardo some questions about this challenge and the mysterious structure of the design he created for the project.

Amazing and congrats! What were the requirements to be able to participate in this?

The Kia Designers Award addressed emerging brands that have been active on the market for no longer than six years and all Fashion Design students. They asked us to present our portfolio to Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, and they then selected 6 finalists who had the opportunity to develop an outfit at Milan Fashion Week.

What was your intention behind using the large skirts?

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana organized an online mentoring program. Thanks to the program, several industry experts introduced us to Metaverse, the main topic of the project. What attracted me the most about Metaverse was how the concept of time and its perception will transform thanks to the evolution of the new dimension. Due to today's technology, we are and we'll be always connected to the past, so to our memories. After Kia Designers Award, I'm questioning myself which consequences this may have on our lives.

Was the shape fully planned or something you built during the synthesis of the piece?

The shape of the dress was constantly changing during the making process. I was trying to find solutions according to where my skills and gravity were limiting me. The construction is made with a combination of many different materials, such as wood, whalebones, iron, and plastic panels, again... this process has been a constant problem-solving challenge for me.

What material is used to give the shape and volume on the bottom of the garment? And what made you think of this type of construction/shape?

Starting from the idea of morning time, I tried to present how the line between past, present and future is becoming more fluid. I took a historical silhouette intending to find a dialogue between the imaginary of the crinoline and contemporary textile manipulations that represent the unstable multidimensionality of tomorrow.

What was your thought process when interpreting newness and contemporary innovation?

I was thinking a lot about how during the modern ages everything was given for granted as a solid construction. Nowadays, every aspect of life can be reshaped artificially. Nothing has clear borders anymore, everything can be seen as a multidimensional figure. This is what kept driving me during the realization of the outfit.

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Thanks to the Polimoda Community of students and alumni who responded to our call on Instagram and proposed the questions for this Q&A with Edoardo.

Cover image: Edoardo Terribillini awarded by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana President Carlo Capasa during Milan Fashion Week's Fashion Hub opening.

Images: Courtesy of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.