Announcing the winner of the Creative Direction Competition with Not Just A Label

Congratulations to this new fashion talent


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After receiving hundreds of applications for the scholarship in collaboration with Not Just A Label, we’re pleased to congratulate Shilpa Chavan from Mumbai, the designer behind Little Shilpa, who is the winner of this prestigious competition!

Announced during Business Links and immediately after Fashion Displacement, last week’s panel discussion involving Founder and CEO of Not Just A Label Stefan Siegel among other renowned speakers, Danilo Venturi and Linda Loppa came together for a moment to congratulate the talented Shilpa Chavan. After much deliberation, the jury of experts – Philip Treacy, Kelly Cutrone, and Manuela Brini, as well as Venturi, Loppa and Siegel – went through the final 10 applications, and eventually chose Shilpa for her experience, experimentation, and vision for the future of fashion;

I’m looking to encourage the creative industries to work together, as I believe the greatest developments come from experts from entirely different fields learning to work together.

Shilpa Chavan

Shilpa will come to Polimoda in June to attend for free the master’s course in Creative Direction. This new course uniquely combines business, design and communications over a nine-month period.

Well done to everybody who participated in this competition, as the level of the applications was really impressive. Thank you also to the incredible jury, who had the most difficult task of all. And finally, Shilpa, we cannot wait to welcome you to Polimoda!