Sustainable Fashion

Fall edition
Mentorship by Kutay Saritosun

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This seasonal course aims at creating the state-of-the-art Spokesperson for the sustainable & ethical fashion system of the forthcoming future while offering the unique opportunity to culturally and professionally connect with the latest trends. This figure will be able to find its place in the interdisciplinary New World of fashion thanks to its original thought and independent mindset, turning insights into actions and paving the way for tomorrow’s Green Carpet.

The curriculum includes: contemporary fashion, fashion marketing and corporate strategies with focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause-Related Marketing and brand reputation, the business behind materials and their impact on the environment, technological innovation within the fashion industry, traceability in the supply chain, fashion law, the international standards, and environmental management.

The course also includes: a visit to the Gucci Garden or Ferragamo Museum; an international guest lecture by a fashion industry expert; a personal project; and an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess your potential and further opportunities to continue in this field of study.

Participation in this course is an excellent initial stage of preparation in the fashion business, a course of study that may continue with the 4-year undergraduate program in Fashion Marketing Management or Fashion Marketing & Communications or with the 9-month master program in International Fashion Business.


Kutay Saritosun
Director of Fashion Brands
Kutay Saritosun is a textile engineer and sustainability aficionado with a passion for the environmental and social impacts of the textile industry. As CSR Senior Executive at ISKO, Saritosun worked in close cooperation with leading sustainability platforms such as SAC and BCI as well as prestigious certification bodies of Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel. His public speaking engagements have included guest lecturing at Parsons School of Design, participating in panel discussions globally and presenting at EU Green Week by the invitation of the EU Environmental Commission. Mentorship activities have included the CFDA+Lexus Fashion Initiative 2018/2019. Saritosun currently serves as Director of Fashion Brands at bluesign technologies ag, helping to unite chemical suppliers, textile manufacturers and brands to jointly reduce their impact on people and environment.

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