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The Associate Program in Sportswear Design is designed to address the dynamic side of fashion. From playing arenas and stadiums to underground clubs and urban streets, this program forms sportswear designers capable of capturing athletic gesture, the concept of fitness and everyday life in parallel with new wearable technologies and innovative materials, perpetually changing human mindsets and evolving consumption patterns.

The concentrated two-year program in Sportswear Design offers vertical progress, teaching participants the fundamental design skills required by the market as well as new materials and technologies, sports culture, new scenarios of interactive design for sportswear, activewear, athleisure and performance. Horizontal progress is guaranteed with two projects per year to be included in a personal portfolio.

Courses are run by teachers from the industry with hands-on and original teaching materials. Sportswear Design students have access to monthly guest lectures from experts and visionaries, an immense fashion library and computer laboratories. Field trips to companies, fashion shows and trade fairs in Italy will take place throughout the two-year duration of the program.

Candidates with a secondary school (high school) diploma or equivalent are eligible and selected after the admission process. English language proficiency is required. Lessons take place from March to November (March edition) and October to June (October edition), amounting to a total of 600 contact hours. The program is completed with an internship at a fashion company at the end of the second year. Each academic year is worth 60 credits.

Study Plan

First Year: Foundation
Contemporary Fashion, Sociology of Sport, Aesthetics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design, Textile Science, Prototyping, Knit Design, Sneakerology, Fashion Trend Forecasting, Fashion Magazine, Fitness Culture.

Second Year: Personal Portfolio
Textile Design & Technology, Activewear Design, Sportswear Design, Performance Sportswear Design, Interactive Fashion, Collection Development, Industry Project, Industry Portfolio.

Project work, seminars, workshops as well as company and museum visits are also included throughout the two-year program.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Associate Program, students will be able to:

  • Understand the design process to be applied to sportswear collections, find the right balance between the technical rules of sportswear and grasp stylistic proposals of fashion.
  • Develop a systematic, critical approach to problem-solving at all levels of the design process.
  • Assess, propose and apply various techniques related to drafting, draping and constructing garments.
  • Create a model construction study for leisurewear garments and product specifications for sportswear and fabric performance.
  • Deal with future trends of activewear and athleisure.

Career Opportunities

Combined with a natural flair for fashion and sports, sociological understanding and good organizational skills, Sportswear Design prepares graduates to work as Fashion Designers, Sportswear Designers, Underwear and Outerwear Designers and Fashion Trend Forecasters.