Fashion Store Concept

In partnership with Fashion Institute of Technology
The Seasonal in Fashion Store Concept provides students with the skills and knowledge required to deal with the complete working process behind the creation of a multi-brand or mono-brand fashion pop-up shop. The course will be held in two of the most enchanting cities in the world; the first two weeks will be spent living and studying in Florence at Polimoda and the following two weeks at FIT in New York.
Fashion Store Concept


  • Level: Seasonal
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Cost:3,300
  • Language: English
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Start:June 22nd 2020
End:July 16th 2020

From concept to ideation and sketching to planning, this course effectively teaches the entire  pop-up shop process, including merchandising and budgeting. Students will learn how to create an organized calendar with milestones and deadlines as well as how to effectively supervise all the development stages of a fashion pop-up store in addition to visual merchandising, store planning, interior design, retail management and the fashion brand portfolio.

The curriculum includes: Retail Management, Interior Design, Business Administration, E-Buying, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Merchandising and Graphic Design.

The course also includes: a visit to explore classic and avant-garde stores in the city of Florence and surrounding areas, a final project presentation and an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess your potential and further opportunities to continue in this field of study.

Participation in this course provides learners with the opportunity to bring forward an idea to fruition and experience the advantages and challenges of teamwork with a practical final project. Students will benefit by applying the knowledge and tools acquired during their time at Polimoda and FIT, all while developing independent thinking, decision-making, strategy skills and creativity.

Cover: Irene Frosinini captured by Federica Fioravanti

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