Fashion for Metaverse

In partnership with MONOGRID

Create, conceptualize and construct the future of fashion by connecting the dots between heritage and the metaverse.


  • Level: Seasonal
  • Duration: 1 month
  • Cost:5,500
  • Language: English
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Start:June 27th 2022
End:July 23rd 2022
Start:August 29th 2022
End:September 24th 2022


Fashion for Metaverse is a short course that transports you from the catwalk to the metaverse. This new and entirely digital experience connects the real world with virtual interactions, offering individuals the opportunity to discover self-expression through digital and customizable 3D characters.

Following the rapid evolution of the job market and the growing request for profiles with a versatile understanding of the industry, Fashion for Metaverse enhances the comprehensive creativity of the fashion designers of the future.

This course hones in on clothing for avatars and dives into flourishing fashion subcultures that include digital design and modeling of real-world clothing as well as the uploading of design, both real and digital, into the blockchain.

Incorporating traditional fashion craftwork with hyper augmented realities, students gain valuable insights into the broad spectrum of Italian fashion with opportunities at leading fashion houses to improve their knowledge and overcome the practical challenges they will face.

This unique and hands-on learning experience includes a mandatory final project that amounts to a total of 120 contact hours.

The course is perfect for professionals who have already completed a fashion design program and would like to master all themes related to fashion in the metaverse.

Once you complete the short course Fashion for Metaverse, you will receive Polimoda’s Official Certificate of Attendance. This certificate will strengthen your CV and expand your career opportunities.


Partners share tools, guidance, insight and resources with students throughout their program. They play an important role in the professional lives of young students.


MONOGRID is a digital creative agency making the unexpected happen, envisioning new platforms and experiences for bold brands who want to explore realities beyond reality. Harnessing the latest technology and the most out-there ideas at the intersection between the online and offline world, MONOGRID brings to life engaging and disruptive installations, immersive digital environments and cutting-edge content for clients in the luxury goods and fashion industries, such as: Maserati, Bulgari, Alexander McQueen and Vogue Italia. In the last years MONOGRID received 15 awards from Awwwards and in 2021 it was chosen as Agency of the Year by Digital Design Award.

Learning modules

This course is structured alongside the following learning modules:

  • 1 - Fashion Design in the Metaverse
  • 2 - Digital Culture and Iconography
  • 3 - Design Development
  • 4 - Art Direction
  • 5 - Fashion Future
  • 6 - Marketing in the Metaverse


For more information on this course, our Orientation team has you covered. We're available from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm CET.

Contact us via the live chat or the request information form, call us at +39 055 2750628 or register for our next Open Day.

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The upcoming editions of this program will begin as planned. Polimoda will continue monitoring the Italian government’s safety advice and update its procedures as requirements change. Due to Covid 19, field trips and visits that cannot be done safely will be postponed and/or cancelled. If the conditions do not allow an experience on campus, we are prepared and committed to moving courses online until we are able to welcome our students at school.

Featured image: courtesy of MONOGRID.

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