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In partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo
The Master in Shoe Design, operated in partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo, is a program aimed at developing a professional capable of designing and developing footwear with a strong and innovative creative direction. Starting from the basis of human anatomy, the shoe designer must be master of both theory and production, with an aptitude for interpreting market needs through the lens of creativity and craft.


  • Level: Master
  • Duration: 9 months
  • Cost:28,000
  • Language: English
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Start:18th January 2021
End:18th September 2021


Throughout the course, students will fine-tune a repertoire of industry knowledge, from interpreting materials to researching innovative production techniques, new forms of merchandising management and the strategies behind collection planning. By examining heritage, market trends and sales structures as related to select brands, the program aims to incite the creation of products that mirror the versatility and dexterity required by the industry today.

Shoe Design lectures are held by esteemed business professionals, with direct intervention of executives and representatives from Salvatore Ferragamo. Students will have access to international guest lectures and field trips to the headquarters and production plants of relevant companies in the Florentine area, plus a behind-the-scenes look at Salvatore Ferragamo production and business sectors. During the 9 months, students will develop a collection project to be presented as both the Mid-term (capsule collection) and Final Project (main collection), valid as a personal portfolio. The students will additionally formulate a brand-specific project as related to the Salvatore Ferragamo partnership.

Lessons take place from January to September and amount to a total of 700 contact hours. Thereafter, there is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company, leading to the overall obtainment of 80 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Additional prerequisites include previous studies in Fashion & Accessories Design or related subjects and/or professional experiences in the business. Candidates are eligible and selected after the admission process.

Upon completion of the Master students will be automatically given the possibility to partake in the Polimoda Talent program.

Study plan

The Master’s in Shoe Design will take form in the following thematic modules:

  • Lab & Design: Shoes Design; Fashion Coordination; Creative Prototyping; Patternmaking; Artisan Techniques; Collection Development
  • Cultural: Contemporary Fashion; Fashion Research; Leather Research
  • Graphics: Fashion Illustration; Fashion Portfolio; 3D modelling
  • Business: Fashion Brand Management; Fashion Merchandising 

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the master course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a research methodology, envision and produce creative content that informs their creative design and aesthetic point of view.
  • Prototype all design ideas through different means, materials and techniques, both artisanal and industrial.
  • Create and develop complex patterns, including crafting techniques on leather, fabric, accessories and construction elements.
  • Expand knowledge of all facets of technical production in the shoe sector’s pipeline.
  • Create a professional portfolio that fully represents the individual characteristics and identity of the designer.

Career opportunities

Depending on previous experience and academic achievements, employment can be found within the areas of Shoe Design, Product Development and Shoe Merchandising Management.


Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. is the parent Company of the Salvatore Ferragamo Group, one of the world's leaders in the luxury industry and whose origins date back to 1927. The Group is active in the creation, production and sale of shoes, leather goods, apparel, silk products and other accessories, along with women's and men's fragrances. The Group's product offer also includes eyewear and watches, manufactured by licensees.

The uniqueness and exclusivity of their creations, along with the perfect blend of style, creativity and innovation enriched by the quality and superior craftsmanship of the 'Made in Italy'​ tradition, have always been the hallmarks of the Group's products.

With approximately 4,000 employees and a network of 685 mono-brand stores as of 31 December 2017, the Ferragamo Group operates in Italy and worldwide through companies that allow it to be a leader in the European, American and Asian markets.

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