Italian for Fashion

Summer edition

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Italian for Fashion is a language training course aimed at developing basic Italian grammar and vocabulary related to the fashion industry. Students will learn how to write elaborate texts and navigate complex conversations to fluidly discuss trends, materials, products, brands and procedures in the Italian fashion industry.

Italy is renowned for its dominant position in the industry, with both business and design sectors reliant on navigating and gaining recognition in Italian fashion environments. Between runways in Milan and luxury production headquarters in Florence, speaking Italian is not only in vogue but essential for a career in fashion.

Students who successfully complete this course will edify an industry-oriented vocabulary suited for pursuing careers in today’s fashion system and in the world of ‘Made in Italy’.

The course runs for a duration of 30 hours over the course of two months and is divided into bi-weekly meetings.

Open to both students and the public, Polimoda’s One Shot courses are practical paths aimed at developing and refining basic skills required by the industry today.

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