Fashion Writing

Summer edition

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Fashion Writing is a communications course aimed at developing basic creative writing skills combined with the visual language. Students will create a new body of work – ranging from prose to poetry and fiction – illustrated with photographic essays, ultimately merging the two worlds that command fashion writing today.

Images as words and words as images. With the dominance of digital in the contemporary communications landscape, versatility and innovation are major musts for architects of the written word. The ability to move fluidly between images and text reflects the aptitude for analyzing today’s fashion system, a vital skill for a myriad of industry sectors.

Focused on fully harnessing creative potential, students who successfully complete this course will acquire the skills to efficaciously merge powerful writing with visual components.

The course runs for a duration of 30 hours over the course of two months and is divided into bi-weekly meetings.

Open to both students and the public, Polimoda’s One Shot courses are practical paths aimed at developing and refining basic skills required by the industry today.

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