Fashion Portfolio

Spring edition

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Fashion Portfolio is a course that uncovers the nuts and bolts of portfolio composition, using visual studies to show how to effectively communicate innovation. Under the direction of a fashion instructor, students will be introduced to Photoshop and InDesign to learn how to create and/or manipulate images that fully represent their body of work.

In fashion, a great portfolio can make it or break it. As your first chance to leave a lasting impression, the assemblage must demonstrate your strengths and abilities, all while serving as a strong representation of your work, versatility, market awareness and unique point of view.

Focused on the technical aspects of photo manipulation, students who successfully complete this course will be able to construct powerful and compelling portfolio images that fully represent their design identity.

The course runs for a duration of 30 hours over the course of two months and is divided into bi-weekly meetings.

Open to both students and the public, Polimoda’s One Shot courses are practical paths aimed at developing and refining basic skills required by the industry today.

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