Fashion Journalism

Spring edition

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Fashion Journalism introduces the provocative and visionary figure of the fashion communicator. First and foremost at a journalistic level, but also in publishing, business and sales, this professional is able to recognise and express the aesthetics of a brand, generate fashion content, orientate collective opinion and construct myths and narratives for the future.

The curriculum includes: the study of contemporary fashion including fashion systems, trade fairs, designers and brands; the sociology of the imaginary with an in-depth look into art and fashion; psychology; anthropology; subcultures; writing for fashion journalism; the rules of writing through to editing; strategic planning; copywriting; advertising; digital styling; PR, and networking and blogging.

The course also includes: a visit to the Gucci Garden or Ferragamo Museum; an international guest lecture by a fashion industry expert; a personal project; and an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess your potential and further opportunities to continue in this field of study.

Participation in this course is an excellent initial stage of preparation in the fashion business, a course of study that may continue with the 4-year undergraduate program in Business of Fashion or the 9-month master program in Fashion Marketing & Communications.

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