Fashion Future

Summer edition
In partnership with AMD Akademie Mode & Design

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Fashion Future, organized in partnership with AMD Akademie Mode & Design, addresses the uncertainty of the future fashion panorama through a thoughtful combination of varied topics and speakers; the course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of sustainability, trend forecasting and craftsmanship at both institutions, located in Berlin and Florence. The program does not seek to address questions of whether, but rather, how and why: how to question the future, how to interpret changes altering the concept of fashion worldwide, how designers interpret social changes and craft new ethical design and business concepts.

The curriculum includes: trend forecasting for the development of a mega trend, the future of textiles, performance textiles, bioengineering, sustainable circular economy in fashion and textiles, bioplastic, startup strategies, sociology of the imaginary, contemporary fashion, textile sciences, craft to business and various extracurricular activities. The overall aim of this course is to provide knowledge in the area of new technologies, handcraft techniques, trends in fashion and fabrics and start-up business, all while upholding sustainable values.

During the Joint Course, students will be asked to complete a course project, ensuring the enrichment of each participant’s portfolio and CV. The project will consist of the creation of an unusual leather or fiber product (small leather good or textile garment) linked to a social trend, and will develop in two phases: the first, in Berlin, will consist of research and analysis, while the second, in Florence, will shift the focus to the leather market and production.

The course also includes: a visit to the Gucci Garden or Ferragamo Museum, a visit to a textile or leather company; an international guest lecture by a fashion industry expert; a personal project; and an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess your potential and further opportunities to continue in this field of study.

Participation in this course is an excellent initial stage of preparation in the fashion business, a course of study that may continue with the 4-year undergraduate program in Business of Fashion or the 9-month master program in Fashion Trend Forecasting or International Fashion Business.