International Fashion Business

28-hour course

Following the 2020 global health emergency, there have been drastic changes in the ways we search for answers regarding progress and our interconnected future — particularly in fashion and within the supply chain, the field of distribution and the final retail stage. The International Fashion Business e-learning course prepares students for these new scenarios by analyzing macroeconomic trends for productive activity locations and new ways of re-thinking the fashion system through a sustainability lens. Delicate issues involving how to create an investment project and how to evaluate the convenience of internal relocation will also be addressed after the big turning points, according to new emerging — and ecological — paradigms.

International Fashion Business


  • Level: E-learning
  • Duration: 28 hours
  • Cost:600
  • Language: English
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July week 2
Start:July 6th 2020
End:July 10th 2020
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Start:July 20th 2020
End:July 24th 2020
Start:August 3rd 2020
End:August 7th 2020
Start:September 7th 2020
End:September 11th 2020

The course hones in on specific topics such as Fashion Global Economy, Fashion Trends and Fashion Future, helping students and professionals develop important skills they can add to their CV and demonstrate bravery and curiosity in a new fashion field. The completion of this course is the perfect start to exploring the fashion system from a privileged entrance.

Lessons will be all interactive online face-to-face teacher meetings. The course also includes an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess potential and further opportunities to continue in this field of study. The whole working process will be documented in a project book, adding value to the portfolio of any fashion student or manager looking for updated knowledge on the worldwide post-pandemic paradigm shifts.

Participation in this course offers also an excellent initial stage of preparation in the fashion business, a course of study that may continue with an Undergraduate in Fashion Business, an Undergraduate in Fashion Merchandising or a 9-month Master in International Fashion Business.

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