Fashion Merchandising & Buying

80-hour course

The Fashion Merchandising & Buying e-learning course provides students with the know-how and knowledge required to understand the complete working process behind the creation of a merchandising plan and a buying plan, training a professional prepared in the multi-faced art of buying and selling. This is an individual who knows what customers want and has a deep awareness of fashion trends, current industry developments and profound forecasting skills.

Fashion Merchandising & Buying


  • Level: E-learning
  • Duration: 80 hours
  • Cost:3,500
  • Language: English
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Start:June 29th 2020
End:July 25th 2020
Start:August 31st 2020
End:September 26th 2020

The curriculum includes: Fashion Merchandising, Buying Techniques, Budgeting and Planning with a narrow focus on the new fashion panorama after the impact of COVID-19, the drastic reshaping of the retail experience for both mono and multi-brand boutiques and the new opportunities regarding online fashion destinations and e-commerce platforms with a keen eye on new macro and micro trends.

Lessons will be interactive online face-to-face teacher meetings, dedicated to both theory and practical sessions. The course also includes: a personal project and an individual interview with a senior teacher from the course to assess your potential and further opportunities to continue in this field of study.

Participation in this course is an excellent initial stage of preparation in the fashion business, a course of study that may continue with the 4-year Undergraduate in Fashion Business or the 9-month Master in Fashion Merchandising & Buying.

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