Fashion Business

300-hour course
Mentorship by Niccolò Sbaraglia

The 300-hour E-learning course in Fashion Business is deep and up-to-date, destined for visionary, creative and relational leading figures who have the capacity to start and run business units, agencies and e-commerce businesses. This course builds charismatic experts trained in creating, preserving and reshaping the identity of a brand, using both conventional and unconventional tools. 
This course is 100% online and gives you the possibility to learn faster than a Master and from wherever you are. All you need is a wi-fi connection and an imaginative mind.


  • Level: E-learning
  • Duration: 300 hours
  • Cost:9,000
  • Language: English
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Start:October 5th 2020
End:January 1st 2021


The E-learning course in Fashion Business features three main areas: vision, implying the tuning between human, society and industry to make brands relevant; management, calling for the strategic marketing of a business model in real case scenarios; and communications, involving the creation and delivery of a sense-based message to seduce and aggregate.

Fashion Business is run by teachers from the industry and international guest lecturers. The course’s final project, rebranding a major label, is tutored by a Polimoda’s Senior Teacher and can be presented as a personal portfolio.

Lessons take place from October to December/January and amount to a total of 300 contact hours. English language proficiency and attendance are required.

Upon completion of the course, students will be automatically given the possibility to partake in the Polimoda Talent program.

Study plan

The areas of Vision, Management and Communications take concrete form in the following modules: Sociology of Imaginary, Contemporary Fashion, Fashion Brand Management, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Communications, Brand & Corporate Valuation in Fashion, Digital Market and E-Commerce, Fashion Sustainability, Global Economy, Editorial Styling, Fashion Writing, and Consumer Behaviour.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Develop visionary and creative ideas in order to create, preserve and reshape the identity of a brand.
  • Manage the fine-tuning between human, society and industry, giving brands relevance in the industry.
  • Create strategic plans out of business models for new products, markets and target groups.

Career opportunities

A Business Manager graduate from Polimoda, forged by a method based on the creation of original materials, can work in a wide range of areas in a fashion company, in a trend or communications agency as well as in industries driven by the expression of identity, such as technology, art, publishing, cinema and music.


Niccolò Sbaraglia
Niccolò Sbaraglia
Head of Fashion Business Department

Born and raised in Florence, Niccolò Sbaraglia is an economist specialized in statistics and a production manager dedicated to luxury accessories with a niche in product communication strategy. Following 8 years in New York City, founding two companies T-project showroom and PLUMA - ITALIA, Sbaraglia returned to Florence after accepting a teaching role at Polimoda for the Craft to Business course and working as a trend forecaster of leather jackets for LGM Kering group. While managing PLUMA - ITALIA, Niccolò became Leading Teacher of Business and Communications at Polimoda, teaching both Undergraduate and Master courses with a focus on production, craftsmanship, and statistics. Niccolò believes in the power of art and fashion to open the dialogue on all cultures of the world.

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