Product Management + Fashion Merchandising & Buying

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Merging the creative and rational, the Double Master in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Communications forms cutting-edge professionals, hybrids able to navigate both the practical and creative dimensions of a fashion company. Combining marketing and communications know-how with fashion design expertise, this revolutionary creator will be well versed in two fundamental stages of fashion storytelling, from conceptual visions to detailed marketing activations and original communications plans.
Product Management + Fashion Merchandising & Buying


  • Level: Double Master
  • Duration: 9+9 months
  • Cost:50,000
  • Language: English
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Start:5th October 2020
End:12th March 2022


During the two-year program, students will delve into three fundamental fashion areas: Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Buying and Fashion Development to perfect both product design and production phases. This Master program starts from the specific task of managing and grasping product creation, subsequently amplifying skill sets to meet larger tasks related to merchandising. 

The first half of the education path aims to form a deep understanding of the creative and research process behind fashion products, coupled with the ability to manage its entire lifecycle. 
The second year is centered on the ability to meet consumer desires, combining the knowledge of fashion trends and forecasting to master the art of selling a wide range of products.

Both phases of the Double Master are run by teachers from the industry and special guests with a practical and in-depth knowledge of different sectors. Lessons take place from October to June and from June to March, and amount to a total of 1400 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company following the second year, leading to the overall obtainment of 160 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates are eligible and selected after the admission process. 

Each year requires the completion of Mid-Term and Final projects valid as a personal portfolio. For detailed information on each academic year, please refer to the individual Masters programs. 

First Year

Fashion Product Management is the ultimate program to train an expert in fashion products; someone who can understand the creative and research process and then plan, organize and manage an entire product lifecycle.

Second Year

Fashion Merchandising & Buying is an operative program that aims to prepare a passionate professional in the elusive art of buying and selling.

Career opportunities

In addition to knowing how to start a fashion business or brand in areas such as Fashion Design, Fashion Trend Forecasting, Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Communications, upon completing this course students will develop the ability to fit a number of roles, from those in fashion companies to creative positions, able to think and behave as both Marketing Manager/Fashion Creative Director and Fashion Designer. Forged by a method based on the creation and communication of original materials, this Double Master may also lead to employment in all other industries driven by creative expression, such as tech, art, publishing, cinema and music.

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