Fashion Design + Fashion Marketing & Communications

Design your communication to communicate your design
Merging the creative and rational, the Double Master in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Communications forms cutting-edge professionals, hybrids able to navigate both the practical and creative dimensions of a fashion company. Combining marketing and communications know-how with fashion design expertise, this revolutionary creator will be well versed in two fundamental stages of fashion storytelling, from conceptual visions to detailed marketing activations and original communications plans.
Fashion Design + Fashion Marketing & Communications


  • Level: Double Master
  • Duration: 9+9 months
  • Cost:50,000
  • Language: English
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Start:March 30th 2020
End:September 18th 2021


During the two-year program, students will explore the technical and creative facets of fashion design by harnessing their creativity into a singular design identity. This Master program allows students to learn how to both fashion and communicate a brand, stepping from the role of designer to manager responsible for inventing, and reshaping brand image via visionary ideas, media plans and communication strategies.

The first half of the education path is designed for graduates focused on acquiring cultural and technical skills to realize and present an innovative capsule collection.The second year applies this broader knowledge to communications responsibilities, focusing on strategies to give brands public relevance in today’s shifting industry.

Both phases of the Double Master are run by teachers from the industry and special guests with a practical and in-depth knowledge of different sectors. Lessons take place from April to December and from January to September (9 months + 9 months) and amount to a total of 1400 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company following the second year, leading to the overall obtainment of 160 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates are eligible and selected after the admission process.

Each year requires the completion of Mid-Term and Final projects valid as a personal portfolio. For detailed information on each academic year, please refer to the individual Master programs.

First Year

Fashion Design is a star course that fulfills the dream to enter the world of fashion, wielding the keys of its main language. It is the personal expression of an expert creator who can conceive an idea and transform it into a wearable cult piece, desired by many who are looking for change.

Second Year

Fashion Marketing & Communications is an analytical program to create the master planner. This is the person who gathers information from different sources, writes a marketing plan and suggests practical actions for maximising a company’s visibility. Fashion is the most complete expression of society, and understanding its complexity is paramount for its marketing.

Career opportunities

In addition to knowing how to start a fashion business or brand in areas such as Fashion Design, Fashion Trend Forecasting, Fashion Merchandising or Fashion Communications, upon completing this course students will develop the ability to fit a number of roles, from those in fashion companies to creative positions, able to think and behave as both Marketing Manager/Fashion Creative Director and Fashion Designer. Forged by a method based on the creation and communication of original materials, this Double Master may also lead to employment in all other industries driven by creative expression, such as tech, art, publishing, cinema and music.

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