Fashion Design + Bag Design

From status to statement
Bags have become the most recognizable vessel of brand identity: as containers that “speak of the body on the body,” they contribute to forming personal narratives and developing sartorial aesthetics. The Double Master in Fashion Design + Bag Design unpacks the iconic accessory as relevant to brand visibility, communication and investment, offering the unique opportunity to explore the lifespan of all design forms from ideation to launch.


  • Level: Double Master
  • Duration: 9+9 months
  • Cost:50,000
  • Language: English
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Start:March 30th 2020
End:September 18th 2021


During the two-year program, students will deconstruct the complexity of creating a fashion language by examining both the body and the ability to design accessories around it. This Master program allows students to develop a fashion language that is coherent and original, learning to eventually market their general know-how in a variety of specialized sectors.   

The first half of the education path is designed for graduates entering the fashion world with the intent of discovering their attitude and identity as a designer. This initial phase focuses on learning how to visually and technically communicate innovative ideas to an entire production pipeline. The second year applies this broader knowledge of design to a specialization in the bag sector, mastering the technical skills required to design for this specific merchandising category.

Both phases of the Double Master are run by teachers from the industry and special guests with a practical and in-depth knowledge of different sectors. Lessons take place from April to December and from January to September and amount to a total of 1400 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion company following the second year, leading to the overall obtainment of 160 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates are eligible and selected after the admission process. 

Each year requires the completion of Mid-Term and Final projects valid as a personal portfolio. For detailed information on each academic year, please refer to the individual Masters programs. 

First Year

Fashion Design is a star course that fulfills the dream to enter the world of fashion, wielding the keys of its main language. It is the personal expression of an expert creator who can conceive an idea and transform it into a wearable cult piece, desired by many who are looking for change.

Second Year

The Master in Bag Design, operated in partnership with Valentino, guarantees a well-rounded education in the area of leather goods, merging a creative approach with hands-on craftsmanship.

Career opportunities

The objective of this Double Master is to create a professional able to develop a bag collection within a structured organization or a personal freelance brand. The program is ultimately designed for graduates entering the fashion world with drive and passion towards the accessories sector, preparing students for the roles of Fashion Designer, Bag Designer, Product Developer Bags and Product Manager, among others.

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