Culture Management

When Intangible Value is Tangible
In partnership with TheArtGorgeous / Mentorship by Cordelia Noe

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Culture Management is a program designed to give meaning to today’s event manager: the figure that oversees, contextualizes and displays fashion to bridge the present, past and future. This figure preserves and enhances corporate legacy through shows, exhibitions, performances, integrated events, museum experiences and publications, leading the creation of potential stories, an intangible value that becomes tangible when inserted within a corporate culture.

The course focuses on four main areas of study: Art & Creative Collaborations, exploring fashion and contemporary art as related to other creative sectors, from art auctions to unique fashion items; Heritage & Legacy, addressing corporate legacy through archives, museums, publications and special merchandising; Identity & Exhibition, focusing on expressing and maintaining corporate identity through shows, performances, collaborations and exhibitions; and Events & Rituals, touching on event organization and development of new formats for corporate art initiatives.

This Master course is led by teachers from the industry that will act as one-on-one consultants for final projects. In addition to international guest lecturers, the course will include field trips to exhibitions, art/corporate museums/fairs, corporate collections, heritage museums and offer internship opportunities with selected partner institutions.

Lessons take place from October to June and amount to a total of 700 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship in a fashion, artistic or luxury company, leading to the overall obtainment of 80 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Candidates will be selected after an enrolment questionnaire and an interview with the course’s leading teacher.

The course is designed for advanced students interested in the theory and practice of fashion as a social phenomenon, as well as in the context of cultural collaborations, aspiring to develop their skills in museum curation and fields related to the culture of fashion. Participants must be passionate about art, fashion and architecture.

Upon completion of the Master, students will be automatically given the possibility to partake in the Polimoda Talent 2019/2020 program.

Study plan

Art & Contamination
Contemporary Fashion, Art & Fashion, History of Costume, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Studies, Fashion Future & Fashion Trend Forecasting, Colour Theory, Aesthetics, Cultural Marketing.

Heritage & Legacy
Art Direction, Fashion Branding, Typography, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Art & Fashion Communication, Archiving.

Identity & Exhibition
Sociology of Imaginary, Visual Merchandising, Fashion Photography, Fashion Store Concept, 3D Fashion Retail Spaces, Development of Cultural Strategies.

Events & Rituals
Fashion Curation, Press Office & PR, Event Management, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Law & Trademarks, Competitor Analysis.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the master course, students will be able to:

  • Create economic value out of intangible values and human creations.
  • Ideate, manage, market and promote events, trade fairs, auctions, exhibitions, performances and shows.
  • Connect theory to practice by linking the fashion system and international arts organizations to other creative industries.
  • Understand the political, social, technological, creative and economic contexts of the field of arts and fashion management.
  • Rediscover brand identity through archives, museums, publications and special merchandising.
  • Express corporate values through the ideation or the re-launch of creative and artistic outputs.
  • Prepare for a career as a Fashion and Art Curator or Event Manager.

Career Opportunities

Based on individual character and the skills acquired, students that complete the Master in Culture Management can aim for a career as an Event Manager, Fashion Curator, Fashion Researcher, Partnership Manager, Heritage Researcher, Brand Manager, Connector, Fashion & Art Curator, Art and Fashion Event Designer and Fashion & Art Consultant.


Cordelia Noe
CEO and Founder of TheArtGorgeous Media
Engaged in the art scene since 2006, Cordelia Noe has worked with artists, art collectors, art fairs, corporate art programs and global brands for nearly a decade. Born in Munich, she has developed a global network of highly influential people. As a media company and community powerhouse, TheArtGorgeous develops innovative concepts and strategies for global brands and art world players. Since launching in 2016, TheArtGorgeous has conducted countless interviews with international trailblazers including Petra Cortright, Michael XuFu Huang, Zoe Buckman, Jemima Kirke, Cao Fei and Michaela de Pury and worked with clients such as Hublot, Lane Crawford, Lululemon, Uniqlo, MCM and BMW. The Art Gorgeous also established Art x Lux, a conference format, examining the continuous engagement of the luxury and fashion industry in the contemporary art field.