Business Design

Summer edition

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Business Design is a course designed for perfecting the ultimate sales pitch. From fonts to colors, infographics and mind maps, students will explore the graphics behind presentation design, developing the ability to craft enticing proposals for a variety of projects, products, services, innovations and ideas.

In fashion, content is king, but an impactful and well-designed pitch deck is queen. A major component of successful presentations, ideating and producing visuals has become a basic skill in the industry. Professionals are not only expected to master the graphics, but also determine flow and keywords to stimulate interest from a variety of audiences.

Built around visual power, students who successfully complete this course will have a strong sense of the design elements that make for a perfect pitch.

The course runs for a duration of 30 hours over the course of two months and is divided into bi-weekly meetings.

Open to both students and the public, Polimoda’s One Shot courses are practical paths aimed at developing and refining basic skills required by the industry today.

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