CFDA to showcase three Polimoda graduates

Talent-scouting platform CFDA+ calls for a new fashion zeitgeist


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For the first time since CFDA was created, 3 Polimoda alumni will receive a one-year profile-based showcase on the association’s website thus garnering global exposure across its membership community of over 500 leading American designers.

Founded in 1962, the Council of Fashion Designers of America is an ever-evolving non-profit trade association that pursues ways to develop and promote good practices in the field of fashion. Cementing its role in scouting and empowering emerging talents, in 2013 CFDA launched the CFDA+ platform which provides visibility to graduating creatives from colleges and institutes all over the world.

Hand-picked from 24 invited schools, the 41 spotlighted graduates of this fifth edition devoted to the The Power of We are unique in their creativity but share a collective Zeitgeist, considered crucial in birthing new forecasts on fashion’s future. “Their consistency of their answers netted to a narrative underlining themes of 2017” CFDA’s website states. “Their voices created an empowered message of inclusivity, diversity, unity, and hope – with sustainability, technology, innovation, and culture mattering to the next generation now more than ever before”.

Polimoda Fashion Design Best Collection winner of 2017 Shania Matthews, runway charmer Pierpaolo Grasso and footwear & handbag designer Ilaria Meucci have earned a place among this year’s selected CFDA+ students thanks to their original take on design and commitment to quality. The three will also benefit from CFDA+’s partnership with Floriane de Saint Pierre’s Paris-based Eyes on Talents rooted in connecting innovative brands with creative game-changers and trendsetters.