Business Links 2017

Merging our networks: Polimoda People and the industry

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This annual event dedicated to the world of work connects students, new graduates and Polimoda alumni with the industry, headhunters and jobs. After the success of previous editions, this week will return in 2017, full of meetings, interviews, and presentations that serve to give the opportunity to Polimoda People to begin their careers with the best start possible. This year, Business Links will be uniquely split up into three events, each specially catering to the different needs of Polimoda People and includes: Career Days, Fashion Displacement and the Alumni Day.

Career Days

March 28th-30th

Over the course of three days, Polimoda students and recent graduates will have the opportunity to meet over 100 recruiters, who have been invited by Polimoda from the best fashion and luxury companies in Italy and greater Europe. These companies will offer select students internships as valuable working experience. There will also be special workshops and presentations to help guide students in their first steps entering the fashion industry.

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Fashion Displacement

March 30th

Following the first edition of Fashion Displacement held in November, 2016 in New York City, Polimoda will be hosting a second edition of this special panel discussion conceptualised by the Institute. This time around, international guests will come together in Florence to discuss the changing job market in the fashion industry.

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Alumni Day

March 31st

To officially launch Polimoda’s new Alumni Network and for the first time ever, all alumni from the Institute’s 30 year history are invited to return to Polimoda for our official Alumni Day. This will be a celebration of the achievements of our past students with a special cocktail event and exhibition, and a moment to present new opportunities to a select few

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