The End of a Decade: Memories that shaped Polimoda's 2019

Reminiscing with bright eyes and full hearts

As Polimoda steps into a new decade, we can’t help but look back on the memories we made in 2019. With bright eyes and full hearts, we’re sharing the top stories that shaped our year. Here’s a look back at the best times.

Polimoda’s Eternal Commitment: One of the Best Fashion Schools in the World 2019

At the beginning of the year, Polimoda secured a spot in The Business of Fashion’s global assessment once again, maintaining its exceptional reputation as one of the best fashion schools in the world since BoF’s inaugural report of 2015. “This cardinal recognition reaffirms Polimoda’s enhanced vocation. Professional realities are paramount for our students and our vast industry connections help us give them a deep understanding of the ever-changing fashion world. Our purpose is systematically cultural and educational, growing with the fashion world and allowing young creatives to become what they are,” stated Director Danilo Venturi.

Rendez-Vous with Alber Elbaz

At the tail end of Spring and with visions of Summer taking over Florence air, Polimoda welcomed Alber Elbaz, celebrated fashion visionary, for a creative meeting of the minds at Manifattura Tabacchi with our final year Undergraduate Fashion Design students to meticulously review their final collections before the Supernature: Polimoda Fashion Show 2019.

Polimoda Duets: Marco Bizzarri

The second edition of our Polimoda Duets series, conducted by journalist and writer Christian Rocca, featured an exclusive interview with legend Marco Bizzarri. Creativity comes second nature to the man behind Gucci’s mind-blowing success.“I think fashion is about emotion and trying to change the status quo. And to change the status quo, you need to take risks, and risk is not an option. I mean, you have to risk, otherwise you’re bound to fall,” explained Bizzarri during this enlightening interview.

The Life-Changing Magic of Mentorship

We have some of the best mentors in the industry, and this is why. Torsten Hochstetter, global creative director of Puma; Alice Ferraz, chief executive and founder of F*Hits; and Bruce Pask, men’s fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, sat down with The Business of Fashion to talk about the importance of mentor-mentee relationships in education. 

Missoni’s with us

The newly developed Master in Knitwear Design was announced in 2019, revealing a brand new partnership with revolutionary knitwear brand Missoni for the 9-month Master program. “We need young designers specialized in knitwear. Polimoda will offer students all the technical skills necessary by combining creativity and research. Missoni will support students from a practical point of view, through special meetings within our factory,” said Angela Missoni.

Fashion Displacement London

Polimoda hosted the fourth edition of Fashion Displacement in London, focused on the wavering future of the fashion industry, challenging a panel of top educators, opinion leaders and fashion experts from around the world to debate issues surrounding the vitality of sustainable initiatives and share concrete answers to save our burning planet without compromising creativity and self-expression.

The Prestigious Catharsis of 14 Apprentis Begins

14 apprentis began the new Leather+ vocational training program this year. A firm believer in employment promotion, Polimoda specifically designed this life-changing opportunity for those who, whether unemployed or in between jobs, are ready to get in or jump back in the game and inherit the savoir-faire secrets of luxury craftsmanship in one of the most flourishing sectors of Made in Italy.

Massimiliano Giornetti Appointed Head of Fashion Design Department

Director Danilo Venturi announced Massimiliano Giornetti as the new Head of Fashion Design Department. This was a new chapter for the creative succeeding his 16-year tenure at Salvatore Ferragamo. Polyhedric in its nature for the contribution of different people and cultures, carrying their own aesthetic, taste and creative challenges. It is a contemporary melting pot in Florence, the city of the Renaissance; studying here means being stimulated by a variety of aesthetic and visual impulses more unique than any other city in the world. Polimoda is a large and modern laboratory for the fashion creatives of tomorrow; it is the ideal environment to develop an independent spirit and total autonomy of thought,” stated Giornetti. 

Sensory Overload of Best Moments

The transformation from nature to technology glowed in this year’s Polimoda Fashion Show 2019, offering collections that presented Fashion Design graduates’ passionate, fully developed creative identities. Looking back beyond the runway, we remember the still moments of preparation, the inspiring presence of special guest Alber Elbaz, the final touches to the collections, and most of all, the energy each of these students put into their official fashion world debut.

Born to Win

Over the course of one week, Polimoda people scored a hat-trick, winning three fashion competitions in three different categories. Alumnus Federico Cina, Bilge Hakan Gurkaynak and Camilla Conti joined a long list of Polimoda champions, demonstrating the power of education in today’s everchanging industry.

Behind the Fold: Deconstructing Rick Owens

2019 also invited students to take part in a two-day workshop with Owens’ Head of Women’s Patternmaking Ahmad Daher. Ten of the most symbolic garments from Rick Owens’ exhibition at the Triennale were set up in the rationalist setting of Polimoda’s third campus in the Manifattura Tabacchi, “an evocative space that harmonizes consistently with Rick Owens’ style and aesthetics,” comments Daher, creations laid bare to unearth the technical mechanics of Owens’ method to the next generation of creatives.

Life is a Vortex

In conversation with Director Danilo Venturi, the third edition of Polimoda Duets revealed an exclusive one-on-one between two industry experts with a beautifully convoluted history. From early childhood memories to life-changing career moments, this episode centered around Loppa’s new book Life is a Vortex, a creative mashup of over 50 years of non-linear thinking stained with success, failure, doubt, courage, disappointment and revival.

Polimoda Launches Best Jobs in the World

Polimoda launched Best Jobs in the World – Stories from the Fashion Industry, a series of open access video lessons taught by leading fashion industry experts created to engage with anyone who is curious about the fashion industry and wants to find out more. Do you want a career in fashion, but have no idea what job position you could succeed in? Do you want to know what it really means to be a fashion designer? How about the skills you need to become one of the top creative directors? These lessons were designed to help those interested gain a better understanding of the different job profiles in our industry and will continue in 2020. 

Polimoda Takes Home Best Education Award

The first edition of the Milano Finanza Supply Chain Awards was a night to remember for Polimoda. Dedicated to the most innovative and dynamic companies in the Italian Fashion System supply chain, our school was recognized during the 18th edition of Milano Fashion Global Summit 2019 by a jury of jaw-dropping experts. Out of all of the top fashion institutions in Italy, Polimoda won the Best Education award, certifying the talent and dedication of Polimoda’s tight-knit community of industry leaders, lecturers, partners, mentors and advisors.

Thank you to our past, present and future students, teachers, mentors, partnerships, alumni and staff for being part of our growing Polimoda community. We’re looking forward to making new memories in 2020 with all of you.