Polimoda Launches Best Jobs in the World

Polimoda is launching Best Jobs in the World – Stories from the Fashion Industry, a series of open access video lessons taught by leading fashion industry experts. 

As a fashion school, we are consistently expanding our educational materials to help students learn as much as they can about our beautifully complex industry. From field trips to applied projects with luxury brands, Polimoda is a creativity haven, offering endless opportunities to students and taking it one step further.

Our newly developed intensive video lessons were created to engage with anyone who is curious about the fashion industry and wants to find out more. Do you want a career in fashion, but have no idea what job position you could succeed in? Do you want to know what it really means to be a fashion designer? How about the skills you need to become one of the top creative directors? These lessons were designed to help those interested gain a better understanding of the different job profiles in our industry.

Intensive, short and to the point, Polimoda video lessons gather some of the best industry experts such as Danilo Venturi, Linda Loppa, Massimiliano Giornetti, Serge Girardi, Lisa Lang and more. Throughout each lesson, they will discuss their job profiles individually and honestly, revealing their journey of becoming and the steps they took to help them succeed and become who they are today.

From Argentina all the way to China, these one-of-a-kind video lessons will be accessible worldwide, facilitating learning and meaningful engagement with individuals interested in the fashion world. You’ll learn a little bit of everything, find out what really inspires you and what’s more, you will be able to ask questions, enhancing your experience and increasing the value you get out of each individual lesson so you can deepen your understanding of the fashion industry.