Best Jobs in the World: Lisa Lang

Best Jobs in the World – Stories from the Fashion Industry is a series of open access video lessons taught by leading fashion industry experts. 

These newly developed intensive sessions were created to engage with anyone who is curious about the industry and designed to help those interested gain a better understanding of the different job profiles in fashion. Intensive, short and to the point, Polimoda video lessons are accessible worldwide.


During this video lesson, Lisa Lang, Futurist, FashionTech and New Media Game Changer, talks about the ins and outs of digital fashion. From product development to digital innovation, the industry expert touches on a wide array of subjects, bringing us into her techy world and giving it to us straight, no (digital) interruptions.

Lisa Lang at Villa Favard


Named one of Europe’s top 50 women in tech by Forbes, top 100 most influential people in wearable tech worldwide, top 25 leaders in fashion and technology worldwide and one of Europe’s 50 most important women for innovation & startups, Lisa Lang is a digital information technology and new media game-changer. She has lived and worked around the world as a business developer, founding thriving companies such as ElektroCouture and ThePowerHouse. Lang is of German descent, currently dedicated to teaching the next generation how to think differently by sustainably changing the world. The European Commission has designated her expert advisor for the European Creative Industry strategy. Now living in Porto, Portugal – Lisa Lang is innovating the manufacturing industry through digitizing workflows and developing new production processes for smart and electronic enhanced textiles.


Wednesday, January 15th, 2020


Anywhere in the world with a wifi connection


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Cover: Lisa Lang, photography by Casta Diva Ideas. Images: Lisa Lang at Polimoda’s Villa Favard campus, photography by Casta Diva Ideas.