Announcing the Winners of the i-D x Polimoda Collaboration

Almost 100 students submitted covers for the iconic magazine


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Across three undergraduate courses, Business of Fashion, Fashion Communications, and Fashion Product Management, the third year students participated in a special applied project in collaboration with i-D Italia.

Since the 1980’s, i-D has developed some of the most sophisticated ideas portrayed through their eclectic covers and in the pages of the magazine. The renowned publication has turned stars of today into icons of tomorrow, from Madonna on the cover of The SeXsense Issue in 1984, and Kate Moss immortalised by David Sims for The Survival Issue in 1996, to the latest cover star, Sasha Lane. Through collaborating with the most acclaimed photographers, stylists and writers in the industry, i-D magazine has become a reference, a trailblazer, an icon in itself.

Focusing on art direction and experimentation with the core identity of i-D Magazine, Polimoda’s students were asked to reinterpret the publication’s cover, its famous wink, and the positive and playful message behind it; “a smile and a wink gets you further than you think”.

All the students’ projects were of an incredible quality, and after much deliberation with Editor-in-Chief Gloria Maria Cappelletti, and the three guiding professors Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, Giuseppe Di Somma and Gabriele Moschin, the 10 finalist projects were chosen and three winners selected!


Child’s Play
Artwork: Eleonora Amadei, Alice Bocchetta, Alessandro Vollero

Going back to the purity of creative thinking, to its primordial form, the child. Freeing ourselves from preconceptions and embracing the chaos of insubordinate ideas. The child’s hand is guided by pure intuition, producing art that is bare of superstructures. In a path that winds up to get back to basics, let us focus on the authenticity of the essence.


Polimoda x i-D contest - Child's Play

2nd place

Artwork: Carla Serci, Margherita Lucini, Emma Leonardi

Devotion and oneness in the gypsy style, the real one. Try typing the word ‘gypsy’ on Google. What you get is a whole page full of results on the gypsy style; not the real one, but the westernised. People do not know that behind the mix-and-match clothes that look worn by chance, nothing is random. The gypsy style is a pure devotion to their culture and nomadic history; devotion to their unique and personal style. The gypsy women are real fashion.


3rd place

Stay Pop
Artwork: Ludovica La Mela, Lorenzo D’Ulivo, Lorenzo Morelli

“I’m the builder of bridges” as Linda Loppa defines herself, and it is from this statement that we drew inspiration. Stay Pop is an invitation to build connections between very different aesthetics to move towards a more global and modern vision, in a world characterised by dynamism and mutability of tastes and styles.



Open Sesame

Artwork: Sara Cecchi, Emely Sugarelli, Diletta Tomasini

A Fishy Tale

Artwork: Federico Cei, Majdouline M’saad, Giulia Ronchini

Hide and Seek

Artwork: Giulia Burroni, Sofia Delli Navelli, Sara Ruperto

Still [Slay]ing

Artwork: Irene Frosinini, Nemat Monga, Giulia Toni

Face Hacking

Artwork: Bianca Bettazzi, Rebecca Dalmasso, Natalia Mantaluta


Artwork: Giulia Brunetti, Giulia Fois, Emily Vaccari

Which Size Have Womanness

Artwork: Maria Finocchi, Giulia Forte, Sofia Pericoli