Anna Piaggi: the fashion legend

A special workshop with Stefano Piaggi


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With an unwavering passion for both the history and contemporary relevance of garments, Anna Piaggi was a muse to Karl Lagerfeld, “a poet with clothes” to Bill Cunningham, and a vision of imagination for all who knew her. One person who perhaps knew her best is indeed Mr Stefano Piaggi, who will come to Polimoda on March 23rd to inform students about his aunt’s ongoing influence and legacy.

Undergraduate students in Fashion Communications, Fashion Product Management and master students in International Fashion Business will have a special workshop with Stefano, who will go through Anna Piaggi’s illustrious career as a fashion editor, including her iconic work with Vogue Italia that paved the way for modern-day trend forecasting. He will also look at key moments, including when the Victoria and Albert Museum in London put on display Anna’s astonishing vintage collection in its 2006 Anna Piaggi, Fashion-ology exhibition, and in 2013, when Piaggi’s hat collection was exhibited in Milan, for Hat-ology, curated by Stephen Jones.

Stefano Piaggi will also show an excerpt of the film about the life and work of the inimitable fashion editor, Anna Piaggi: Una Visionaria della Moda, directed by Alina Marazzi. This workshop will truly be a moment to remember for these lucky students.