Lo and Behold: the Almanac is out

Polimoda launches new long-read print-based publication


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With the beginning of the new academic year, alongside the bright minds of tomorrow, the school welcomed the final outcome of a long, passionate endeavor: the first issue of Polimoda’s Almanac, comprising almost three hundred pages of monochrome beauty, written and styled in pure Polimoda fashion.

Initially, the ambitious project stemmed from the necessity to create an all-encompassing printed catalogue of Polimoda’s courses. However, didactic programs and course titles, more or less similar in every university, were not able to fully communicate the true value of Polimoda; because what truly makes it different from other fashion institutes is content.

Almanac - Work in Progress

Polimoda is different from all other schools because it was a cultural institution well before being a fashion institute. I think the Almanac is a great opportunity to talk about our world and our community, made of teachers, students, fashion insiders, companies and of course, of Florence as a city.

Danilo Venturi

In order to fulfill this objective, Danilo Venturi and staff decided to include also a number of articles in the publication – such as interviews, analytical essays, overviews of events important for the school – and link them to the courses. The work process involved speaking with both students and professors, collecting materials of guest lectures, interviews with the school’s key collaborators and industry insiders including Marco Bizzarri, Ferruccio Ferragamo and Damir Doma to name a few – all of whom are part of the ever-growing Polimoda People community.

The visual side of the project is fundamental – almost all photos from the book are made by Federica Fioravanti, whose black and white images were shot exclusively with natural light, thus reflecting the philosophy of the school – no manipulation, no decoration, no glamour – only reality.

Almanac - Inside

The result was an astounding amount of material, both written and visual, that instead of being shaved off to fit the limits of a fifty-page catalogue flourished into a full-scale book of almost three hundred pages, a multifaceted publication that was baptized Almanac, to further underline its hybrid nature.

The Almanac will be available in print during special occasions but its most relevant chapters will be soon distributed through Polimoda’s online channels.