How to Get into Polimoda

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Here you will find how to apply to a Polimoda course, the procedures and the admission requirements, the most important dates and scholarships available.


To enrol in an undergraduate course you must have a high school diploma.

To enrol in a master’s course, you must have an undergraduate degree or proven work experience of at least two years in a relevant field.

To enrol in a seasonal course, no qualifications are required.

Here is the summary of requirements to enrol in a course at Polimoda, from payment terms to refunds, academic year management and contractual relationship between the Institute and the student:


Polimoda is committed to enriching and transforming the future of its students and awards a range of scholarships worth thousands of euros. These awards are given annually to encourage academic excellence and increase the diversity of our student population.

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Important Dates

Undergraduate courses: commence in October; application deadline September 28th (July 15th for non-EU students).

Master’s courses: commence in January, April, June or October; application deadlines are one month and a half before the course’s start date (two months for non-EU students).

Seasonal courses: commence in March, July, September or December; application deadlines are one month before the course’s start date.

Admission Process

To enrol in a Polimoda course you need to follow these steps:

Fill out the application
Once you choose the program that suits you, send the online application request form that you can find on the course page;

For Undergraduate and Master’s programs
1. Complete the online enrolment questionnaire;
2. Schedule an interview with the course’s leading teacher;
3. Wait to hear back from Polimoda, and if admitted, proceed with payment;

For Seasonal Courses
Proceed to payment and complete the online enrolment procedure.