Achille Lauro just wore alumnus Andrea Grossi’s collection

The emerging designer is made of starlight

A couple of days ago, Gucci sweetheart and glamorously androgynous Italian singer-songwriter Achille Lauro revealed to his 1,3 million Instagram followers that he would be sharing daily fragments of his life online. And he made the announcement wearing a pair of unforgettable pants designed by recent Polimoda alumnus Andrea Grossi.

Last summer, Andrea Grossi's Made in Deus Land collection made its debut at Polimoda's Supernature Fashion Show during Pitti Uomo. Between final reviews with legendary creative director Alber Elbaz, winning the Isko I-skool denim Alternative Fibers Award, interning at Diesel in the denim style department and securing a spot in the forthcoming 35th edition of the Hyères Festival, the young designer's life has changed a lot this year.

Achille Lauro in Andrea Grossi's Welcome to Deus Land pants @achilleidol

And with change comes growth. “In my mind, I have a new way I want to produce, showcase and sell my clothes. My main objective is to build my brand and enter the market in the most innovative way possible,” he says. Andrea is young, but his narrative is clear-cut — and it's made up of a humble blend of rule breaking and risk taking. "Being a designer means knowing all the rules and knowing how to break them. I have to continue studying to be able to get out of any type of pattern," states Grossi. "It's a path of improvement without end."

"Being a designer means knowing all the rules and knowing how to break them."

Having one of the most talked about and rebellious Italian popstars — who was famously styled by Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele at the 70th edition of San Remo Festival — wear pants from your collection and share the look with millions of followers certainly means Grossi wasn't kidding about growing his brand. “When I learned that Achille Lauro wore my collection, it was fantastic! But when he published the images on his social networks, it was even better," he gushes. "I think he was the right character at the right time — the face I was looking for in my collection.” As of right now, Lauro's Instagram post has surpassed 156 000 likes and has over 1500 comments. 

The Welcome to Deus Land pants worn by Achille Lauro 

Even though Lauro's social media post is a career-defining moment for the Polimoda alumnus who graduated less than a year ago, Grossi isn't here for the praise. “Dressing Achille Lauro was only made possible by Dadsit, and I have to thank the Polimoda Talent group. Their close contact with the singer's stylist allowed this collaboration to happen.” Dadsit, composed of Polimoda Talent winners Giorgio Lorusso, Giacomo Nasi and Nicola Del Cioppo, is an acronym that stands for Designers Archive Digital Store, and the final two letters — it — symbolize the project's gender-neutral objective. The team is dedicated to supporting emerging designers as well as providing research, networking and a stellar list of industry contacts. 

"I think Achille Lauro was the right character at the right time — the face I was looking for in my collection.”

Recently, Andrea was also coached in Florence by Polimoda's Linda Loppa. "A professional figure like her has so much to give to a young designer like me. She has experience, but is both updated and contemporary — she knows the sector and keeps a young eye. I hope to be able to work with her again in the future, because her point of view may be what really makes the difference in the growth of someone like me."

Andrea Grossi and legendary creative director Alber Elbaz reviewing his collection

Now, Andrea is dedicated to his brand and the new collection he's working on for France's Hyères Festival. "I hope to be able to make an evolution compared to my graduation collection and present a more mature and ready collection for the real world." Whatever Grossi does next, one thing's for sure — he's not showing any signs of slowing down. 

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